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Alyssa Miller

Hacker, Advocate, and Security Leader at In-Security

Alyssa Miller (CISM) is a life-long hacker, security advocate, author, and public speaker with almost 15 years of experience in security roles. She has always had a passion for deconstructing technology, particularly since buying her first computer at the age of 12 teaching herself BASIC programming. Alyssa’s professional track record includes over a decade of penetration testing, leading the security testing and vulnerability management program for a Fortune 500 Financial Technologies firm, and heading the application security program practice for an application security consulting firm. In her current role as BISO, Alyssa now directs the security strategy for S&P Global Ratings.

Alyssa is committed to advocating for improving security practices and the community. Not only does she speak internationally at various industry, vendor and corporate events, Alyssa also engages in the community through her online content, media appearances, and security community activism. Her views, research, and career journey have been featured in “Tribe of Hackers: Blue Team”, SC Magazine, and Cybercrime Magazine respectively. Alyssa is chapter leader for Women of Security (WoSEC), Advisory Board Member for BlueTeam Con, and a member of the WiCyS Racial Equity Committee.