Who is speaking?

Johannes Bär

Security Analyst / Penetration Tester, Condignum GmbH

Johannes Bär is working as a team lead penetration tester at the security boutique Condignum and as security consultant for multiple years and has touched a good number of different fields in the IT world. For about three years, due to the uprise of container-driven application deployment and the challenges to manage them, he is getting more and more involved in the security of Kubernetes environments and the various software developed on top of it.

“Attack surface of Kubernetes environments”

In this talk you will get an insight on the actual attack surface of an Kubernetes managed container environment. If you have ever wondered what the Kubernetes world looks like from an attackers perspective, you have come to the right place! What changes as soon as the attacker spawns a shell on your applications container in contrast to more classical environments? Will life be harder or easier for an attacker? How and if can he interact with the Kubernetes cluster itself? Whether you are a student, developer, administrator or simply interested in Kubernetes and its various security aspects, come join us and experience the attacker’s view on your favorite container management framework yourself!