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Catch Me If You can : Continuous Delivery vs. Security Assurance

Wed, 24. Feb. 2021, 15:30 - 16:15

DevOps and Continuous Delivery has changed how technology operates and how business is run, but security continues to struggle to catch-up with the velocity of change in this new world : it’s almost a cat-and-mouse game when it comes to spot security holes into code before delivering to production, and traditional manual security assessment just continue to be untenable as a way of working with modern agile teams.
The concept of DevSecOps can be the ultimate answer, but unfortunately most articles and vendor pitches about this subject are incredibly superficial, and it’s all about dumping existing/traditional security tools on developers, which adds more complexity and frustration without solving the real problem.

“Modern problems require modern solutions” : this talk explains the evolution of security tooling over the last years, and how they must change (or has changed) to match the macro trends and keep up with the shifting threat.

As an example, this talk demonstrates how modern “lightweight” code analysis techniques, when combined with secure-by-default frameworks/patterns, can be used to easily detect potential holes within a code base, and provide accurate/fast feedbacks to developers.