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Breakout Sessions: Secure Software Design, Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty, DevSecOps

Wed, 24. Feb. 2021, 16:15 - 17:00

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Secure Software Design

Experts: Alexander Barabanov (Huawei), Thomas Kerbl (SEC Consult), Thomas Konrad (SBA Research)
Session sponsored by
: SBA Research

Expert topics include:

  • Secure architecture and design
  • Secure design principles
  • Security design patterns
  • Threat modeling
  • Flaws vs. bugs
  • Authentication and authorization in microservices
  • Threat modeling in DevOps and new development methodologies

Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty

Experts: Pascal Schulz (Dynatrace), Martin Schlatzer (Bitpanda), Michael Koppmann (SBA Research)
Session sponsored by
: Bitpanda and Dynatrace

Expert topics include:

  • Penetration testing
  • Bug bounty programs (internal and external)
  • Bug triage
  • Root cause and log analysis (SIEM)
  • Learning platforms for penetration testing
  • Employee security awareness


Experts: Julien Vehent, Mathias Tausig (SBA Research)
Session sponsored by
: SBA Research

Expert topics include:

  • Securing DevOps pipelines
  • Continuous security
  • Protecting cloud infrastructures
  • Delivery pipeline security
  • Anomaly detection, logging, monitoring
  • Code repository security