Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals will open in August 2020!

sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp ...

is a Vienna-based security event which targets one very specific group: people involved in software development. It is our mission to bring together the best industry professionals, thus having a sustainable and positive impact on the software security landscape.

Made for the makers

We focus on practical, applicable, hands-on, and security-related contents for folks involved in software development. Apart from technical aspects, sec4dev also covers organizational, legal, and process-related topics in order to reach one goal: making security a first-class citizen in the world of software development.


At sec4dev 2021, we will focus on the following areas:

  • Secure coding, design, and architecture
  • Threat modeling
  • Secure development process
  • IoT security
  • Continuous integration and DevSecOps
  • Container security
  • Cloud security
  • ...


The general audience of the sec4dev Conference & Bootcamp is people involved in software development:

  • Software developers
  • Software testers
  • Software architects
  • Software development team and project leads
  • CTOs and CISOs in software-focused organizations
  • Software operators and maintainers
  • Quality managers

General requirements

The general focus of the conference is applied software security. Make sure to give the audience something to take away and apply in their day-to-day work in software development. Visionary talks about the future of secure software development are welcome, as soon as there is also something concrete to take away